Cornell Professional Services Agreement

(c) contracts for professional services. Through a written contract with qualified natural or legal persons, a CDC may benefit from marketing, packaging, processing, graduation, service or liquidation services or other services (for example. B law, accounting, information technology, independent credit checks, pay slips and social benefits for workers), provided that: 1. this contract for an individual to deal with taxes, liability and contractual conditions. The service provider`s questionnaire and the score sheet are required. For information technology services, use the Professional Services Agreement below. (i) CDCs may benefit from legal, accounting and IT services without the authorization of the SBA, with the exception of legal services related to the liquidation of credits or litigation. The agreements must be complete, initialled by the unit, signed by the service provider and include detailed specifications. An order is required. Send the agreements reached on the « I want » document to your business service center. If possible, do not recommend any change in the language of the contract. (d) professional services contracts between DCC. Notwithstanding the prohibition in 13 CFR 120.820 (d) against a CDC related to another CDC, a CDC may receive services through a written contract with another CDC for administration, marketing, packaging, processing, conclusion, service, independent credit auditing, or liquidation functions, provided that: if you engage a contractor or independent consultant who provides services outside the United States (regardless of their nationality) or a foreign company, follow the international consultation process described below.

1. Addendum to Facility Contract Agreements (PDF, 493 KB): Use this agreement for the use of the installation agreement for the rental of 3.c spaces. Service contract (PDF, 522 KB): Use for small services such as massage, henna, makeup, spa services, pedicure, manicure, one or two day workshops. For consulting services, use the Independent Consultant Agreement under Consulting Agreements for Work Performed in the United States below. 1. The contract between the CDCs must be approved in advance by the D/FA (or delegate), in consultation with the D/OCRM (or delegate), who shall, at his discretion, find that such authorization is in the best interest of the 504 loan program and that the contractual terms of SBA are satisfactory. For administrative services, a CDC may enter into a contract with another CDC only in accordance with paragraph (a) (1) (ii) of this section. These contracts apply to certain types of non-recurring services, whether the services are provided by a natural or legal person (e.g.

B capital company, partnership, limited liability company, limited liability company). . . .