Security Trustee Agreement Pdf

This act of trust can serve as a model for the security trust act in which the borrower provides a secured trust property as collateral for the facility granted by the lender or lenders. The agent holds the advantage of the guarantee of trust for the lenders as they are represented by the agent. The agent agreed to act as an agent of this act and to take advantage of the benefits of the security documents and the resulting security for the lenders. The agent holds all the obligations and other security interests incurred in accordance with one of the security documents at all times, while he is the only lender to participate in the facility and, at any other time, with confidence in himself and the lenders in relation to their occasional participation in the facility. Lenders have agreed to make the facility available to the borrower under the terms of the agreement. In accordance with the provisions of the facility agreement, the borrower has agreed to execute the security documents for the benefit of the agent which he retains with confidence to the lenders, in accordance with the terms of this instrument.