Software Subscription Agreement Sample

(a) orders and fees. The customer pays all the undisputed amounts indicated in the sales orders. Sales orders include quantity, room number, description and term for all services provided. Unless otherwise stated in the applicable order of purchase: 1) all amounts payable under this agreement are denominated in U.S. dollars and the customer will pay all of these amounts in U.S. dollars; 2) Fees are based on acquired subscriptions and not on the actual use of services; 3) the quantities purchased cannot be reduced during the current reference period; 4) Customer purchases do not depend on the delivery of future functions. AI will notify the customer in writing of any increase in service charges at least 30 days before the subscription period expires. For all offers offered, prices are valid for 30 days or the time indicated in the offer. Orders are subject to credit authorization and the customer agrees to provide the reasonably necessary information by AI to determine credit terms.

Also, given the simplicity of updates, this ideally means that your software is constantly compatible with the hardware or operating system you`re using. With a subscription contract, the software continues to grow and adapt to the other technology. 1.12. Software Development Kits are a series of software development tools used to create applications for software packages, software workers, hardware platforms, computer systems, video game consoles, operating systems or similar development platforms. 1.1. « API is a set of routines, protocols and tools to access data and/or create software applications. 1.17 « Third-party software » refers to software and services created by third parties, including the Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services. 1.10 « subscription » refers to one or more Hive9 subscriptions identified on an order form, including the associated support that may be provided from time to time by Hive9 for the subscription. 11.3 Replacement software. If the software were to be the subject of a claim in violation of a patent, trade secret, trademark or copyright, or if NiceLabel deems it likely, NiceLabel (a) can obtain the right to continue using the software at no additional cost to the customer; b) replace or modify the software at no cost to the customer, to not violate it, provided that the same function is performed by the replacement or modified software, or (c) if, according to NiceLabel`s judgment, the right to continue access to the Software cannot reasonably be obtained or the Software cannot be reasonably replaced or modified, terminate the contract (or applicable order) and grant the customer a proportionate refund of the advances paid for the rest of the subscription period. In section 11, NiceLabel`s total liability for violations of niceLabel software or part of it is specified, and NiceLabel assumes no additional liability in the event of an alleged or proven violation. (a) guarantees.

Each party assures and assures the other that it has in fact entered into this agreement and that it has the legal authority to do so. AI ensures that: 1) it uses sectoral security devices to protect customer data; 2) services are performed materially in accordance with documentation; 3) AI will not significantly affect the overall functionality of the services; 4) services do not infringe intellectual property rights or otherwise infringe; 5) The software is free of any pledges or other charges; 6) Services are free of malware; and 7) there will be no open source software in a way that requires customers or AI to disclose, provide, provide, or provide the source code of software in possession or license to the customer to a third party. One factor you should keep in mind are the long-term costs, depending on your needs.